This collection, intended for therapeutic treatments, is exclusively for professional use. It has 33 filters with different functions and its application requires prior training to understand the system and how it works.

It is the organism itself that is going to set in motion its metabolic repair mechanisms using the energy that the Filter transmits. This process is carried out because there is a natural identification between the energy it transfers and the bioenergetic organic mechanisms that receive that energy. Therefore, there is a tuning process that connects with this source for cellular self-regeneration.


The specific wavelength (Light) is captured through bioreceptors or energy points located in different areas of our body and should not be confused with the acupuncture points, as each bioreceptor covers a wider area.

Treatment example. Lymphatic Drainage

What are its main advantages?

  • Both the method of application and the filters are completely harmless do not involve electrical or magnetic sources, nor any chemical or biological component.
  • They are painless treatments, non-aggressive, without negative side effects and if necessary, can be applied every day without harm to health.
  • The wide possibilities of action to apply make that with a small collection diverse treatments can be carried out both in consultation and out of it.
  • The protocol for using Med Filters follows a structured sequence oriented towards achieving an energetic balance in general to immediately focus on the specific treatment.
  • The Clients accept the treatment with the Bioluminis Filters willingly, fidelizing for years to the treatments for the effectiveness and remission of the discomforts.

What is the protocol to follow in the treatments?

The system of application of med Filters requires preparation and following its phases and over time the expertise of the professional will further increase its potential.

Sessions should follow these phases:


  1. Photoreactivation or Polarization: It is carried out on these points of energy with the objective of balancing the whole system, for it is applied on the bioreceptors of each wrist and ankle a Filter of equal nomenclature.
  2. Localised treatment: Perform the REC pulse test to apply the corresponding filter(s) according to the specific treatment, in order to obtain local results.
  3. Final Balance: When the Filters are removed, if necessary, slides will be made with the indicated Filter on the body area; for example, in cases of pain treatments, circulatory, with which the treated areas are enhanced.

The methodology of the Med Filters is easy to understand and to apply, it only requires a previous preparation. Both for those who are initiated in natural or holistic therapies and for a professional experienced in bioenergetic therapies or connoisseur of them.


 As they are so versatile, they can be used in all the treatments that can be presented. Therefore, Bioluminis organizes theoretical/practical training courses in order to ensure a correct application and compression of the system.

*BIOLUMINIS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION S.L .Guarantees the complete innocuousness of the Bioluminis Filters, but is not responsible for the applications, because the conditions of use are beyond its control, in turn we do not recommend the suspension or substitution of any medical treatment to the application of the Bioluminis Filters.