Bioluminis® is a natural method without contraindications for integral health and beauty therapies.
It activates cellular self-recovery, in a process that develops rapidly, when the Bioluminis Filters are applied. As a result, its positive effects are observed from the very first session.


Benefits and main applications.


Balancing energy, relieving frequent pain, controlling anxiety, depression, stress, facilitating lymphatic drainage or activating circulatory processes, among other applications.

Aesthetic protocols for facial and body treatment. Effective on facial wrinkles, flaccidity, dull skin, acne, stretch marks or inflammations. The Bioluminis Filters can be applied as a single treatment or as a complementary treatment. In all cases it makes it easier for the skin to assimilate the active ingredients of the beauty products.

Bioluminis Filters



Collection of professional use, wide possibilities in the totality of pathologies.



For integral aesthetics, effective anti-ageing treatments that are easy to apply.



Range intended to balance the Chakras, 7 filters with a specific wavelength.



For daily use, at home, at work or on a trip, they prevent, regulate and relieve everyday discomfort.



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