Bioluminis® is a registered trademark of the Bioluminis® Laboratoires which activity is located in the province of Valencia (Spain) since 1996, it is exclusively dedicated to the research, development and marketing of innocuous mechanisms that interact with the biological environment for the wellness, the aesthetics and other applications.

The aim of Bioluminis® is to provide a better quality of life to the human being with a scientific method that uses the resources that come from the natural light.

From the beginning the professional team has been loyal to this philosophy. Bioluminis® has a I + D Management Committee in each of the phases of development.

Our human team es our best guarantee; we bet for ethical values of behaviour, quality in the service and the customer service with a responsible and efficient work.

The company bet for its presence in Spain as a bridge between Europe and Latin America, actually our methodology develops in countries as; Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, England, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, China, Holland…